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The Cub !

Precision Scale Models
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Thanks you for visiting my Sign Up Page !

I would first like to explain that I am still working a full time job, and at the same time trying to make progress on the motor designs that you can review here on my new website (as of October 2009). I do not plan to build the majority of these motors until after I retire. And I have no exact retirement date but considering approximately 4 years from now (in 2013). I do not reach 30 years service until 2015, so we'll see what the future brings.

I have all the castings in my model shop for the 20 Bronze Tank 1914 Waterman models 130 Cubs, 60 updated Ruddertwins and 70 1914 Sweets. I have another project in progress which I will discuss once I am sure it can be made.

In order to keep track of those who have signed up for my models, I am keeping a private listing which includes Name, Address, Phone Number and email address. I require this information to get on my list. I will never share this personal information with anyone and I will provide my full contact information in return. All I ask is that when one of your models I ready, you will pay for it within a reasonable amount of time. I can accept Paypal, credit cards through Paypal, and personal checks. I think payment within 10 days is reasonable.

There is no cost for getting on my buyers list, just provide your contact info and be aware that I could contact you at any time. I will also find a way to show shipments here on the site, so that should help you to know when yours is getting close. The final costs for each of my models is not known until I complete them. Recently the cost of 24K gold plating (for example) has more than doubled since I first started the Gold Plated 1914 Sweet project.

I will keep my pricing reasonable and competitive. When a model is retired it will never be made again. I will also keep the quantities low so your investment is secure. If I define a quantity of a model and also call it a LImited Edition, that means when those are sold out they will no longer be made.

I believe there will always be buyers willing to buy your retired motors for more than you paid. Of course I cannot guarantee that, but history has shown that these will increase over time. Over time I will be glad to act as your sales agent (to pair you with reliable buyers), if you are looking to sell any models that you previously purchased from me.

For those getting on my buyers list, I am taking reservations for the following:

  • 20 Bronze Tank 1914 Waterman - Limited Edition. Fully Reserved. 7 buyers on wait list
  • 60 1922 Ruddertwins with Stands - Limited Edition. Reservations Available
  • 70 Gold Plated 1914 Sweet with Stand, Reservations Available
  • 100 Painted <factory look> Cubs with Stand, Limited Edition, Reservations Available
  • 30 Chromed Cubs with Stand - Limited Edition, 2 Reservations Available

Items listed in my "Toy Outboard Parts" or my "Decals" sections can be purchased at any time.

I am currently shipping the following stands:

  • 1/3rd Scale Cub Stands (for your Ted Maciag scale model)
    • Limited Edition 45
  • 1/8th Scale Ruddertwin Stands (for your Freshwater Models Ruddertwin)
    • Limited Edition 40 sold separately <60 with Ruddertwins>
  • 1/8th Scale Waterman Stands (for your Freshwater Models Waterman)
    • The Waterman Stands are excellent for your antique and glow engines
    • Email Denny@KidColeModels.com for pricing.
    • Quantity discounts available.
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