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Precision Scale Models.

Precision Scale Models
  1/3 scale cub stands   About KidCole Models

KidCole Models finally made it to the web in Feb 2007 but the concept has been evolving for several years.  My first model was a toy outboard display stand for Ted Maciag’s 1/3rd Scale Elto Cub ignition motor.  I made 45 of these Stands and there are still a few available.

I am continuously looking for ideas to enhance toy outboard collecting and toy outboard restorations. If you have some restoration needs such as decals or other related product idea (or need),send an email.  I am always available to evaluate your request(s).
Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS3 are my primary design tools for stands and decals. I also use several high resolution printers including the ALPS 5000.   The ALPS can print clear water transfer decals in solid colors including white, silver foil, metallic silver, gold foil and metallic gold. The ALPS 5000 is a complex 2400dpi printer which uses a dry ink that is thermally transferred to the media.  ALPS decals will never fade!

I use my own process to control the long term fading effects of daylight on my display stands. This process is based on Epson's archival inks and papers, then sealed with a UV protectant for long life, plus fade, moisture, and scratch resistance.

The models are designed with a combination of cast metal and hand machined parts. Many of the complex parts are created through a sequence of 3D Laser Scanning, 3D software, plastic “printing” <using FM, SLA, etc>, mold making and spin casting.

All of my models are packaged nicely with enclosure materials describing each. Limited edition models are also numbered.

I hope you like what you see on this website. Please see my “Sign Up Today” page for details on how to reserve one or more for your own collection.


Denny Cole


The Cub Stand
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Ruddertwin Stands
Ruddertwin Stand
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