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The Cub !

The Cub - Wow !
Cub 1   "The Cub" and Stand, 1/4th Scale

All of the pictures to the left are of the early prototype model and parts.

This is the most complicated design to date. There were many months of thinking this model would never make it to casting. The shapes involved were more complex, meaning there were many curves changing in two dimensions. This was the model that led to our first experiments with 3D Laser Scanning in order to achieve the accuracy of the shapes. Then the 3d scans were pulled into software to be maniputlated and scaled down. From there the 3d software was sent to special production houses that "print" plastic parts directly from the software. Those resulting parts were further shaped and machined by hand to accomplish the mold master parts, and then the metal parts were produced.

I have a strong interest in the little Cubs, particularly since the 1/3rd scale Cub Stand was my first model. I had also spent over 4 years in trying to research what the original Cub decals actually looked like. And through several of my AOMCI collector friends I was finally shown a true original Cub with its decals intact. By this time Ted Maciag's scale Cub models were already produced, using what we thought was an accurate Cub decal. But it turned out that the decals with the Cub name on the tank side-decal were simply produced from some of the early advertising materials. Since the CUB name was on the back of the tank, the advertising artists put the Cub name in the side decal instead. Years later, some people thought that was what the decals should look like, so so they made reproduction lacquer decals from the advertising.

For almost two years I compared existing replica Cub decals to my research, and I learned that none of them are correct. I paid a specialized website to research the original font for the decals. My Cub decals are the first to use the correct font!

The final leg of the journey to create the correct decals came together in the summer of 2008 when I was finally able to purchase my own true original Cub with its decals intact. Not only are the decals for this quarter scale Cub exact to the originals, but in the decals section of this website I am also offering true replica full scale Cub decals. The full scale decals (and those on the models) contain all the imperfections from the hand designed original decals of the late 1930s. We even took some carefully selected scrapings of the original decals to prove that the original tank-top decal was in fact a silver decal, and not clear over silver paint, as was suggested by some long time collectors. I also proved that the gold look on some of the original tank-top decals is purely from the effects of the environment, particularly long term exposure to the Sun. I am truly proud to be offering the first true orignals for collectors, and of course your quarter scale Cub from KidCole Models will also have those same fine decals. Both the full scale and the quarter scale decals are true lacquer waterslide. They are not the thin resin decals, but I do like resin as well. Resin is much more difficult to install without wrinkle or tearing.

Lets not forget the quarter scale stand. The stand that is packaged with your KidCole Models Cub is produced from the same fine artwork that I painstakingly developed for the first stand. Only this stand is a true Die Cut version to very closely match the originals. I have continued to advance my protection from UV rays and color fading. I believe this Cub will be one of the finest KidCole models I will ever produce.

The Cub model comes packaged with its stand and enclosure materials. I hope you will enjoy your new Cub model.

There are currently no painted or decalled Cubs to show. But all 130 sets of castings are completed in sitting in stock in my shop. There will be exactly 100 true factory painted Cubs, and a special numbered set of 30 Limited Edition Chromed Cubs. The Chromed Cubs will have special chrome applied to some of the major parts such as the Tank, Flywheel and prop, to give the model a look similar to the "over-polished" Cubs that you see in the Antique Outboard shows.

One sidenote for those who actually read this far - The Mate has been in development for most of 2009 (on again and off again). The cowls for the Mate are outrageously complex and difficult. As of this writing the Mate cowls still do not exist in quarter scale. I have become nearly as passionate for the mate as the original Cub, so I plan to press forward with that project. I am also considering a special die-cut stand for the Mate if we succeed in creating the cowls.

Thanks !


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Cub 3
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Cub 3
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Cub 4
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Cub 5
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Cub Castings
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