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The Cub.

Precision Scale Models
Ruddertwin Stands Picture 1
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Early 1920s Ruddertwin Stand

1/8th Scale

The Early 1920s Ruddertwin Stand is designed from an original stand in my own collection. It has been in my family since it was purchased new in 1924. You will enjoy the fine detail of the square bolts and the precise look of this stand compared with your original (if you own one). It is the perferct compliment for your Freshwater Models 1922 Ruddertwin.

The Elto name is hand written on the front of the original stand. Since the original stand parts were made as sand castings, the script ELTO name was simple drawn by hand for the sand casting molds. By drawing in Photoshop over top of a digital picture of the Elto script name, I was able to create the exact shape of the lettering for the model. Then I printed a non-fading resin decal in silver metallic to make the name stand out. The Elto script name on the model shows all the exact same imperfections as the full scale original.

There are only 100 of these stands. 40 of them are being sold for the existing 1922 Ruddertwins by Freshwater Models. And 60 of them are paired with updated 1922 Ruddertwin 1/8th scale motors that I will be shipping in the future. Please read the my Sign Up Today page for details on shipments and policies.

If you are interested in purchasing a Ruddertwin Stand, there are still some available. Please send me an email request for pricing.

Ruddertwin Stands Picture 2
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Ruddertwin Stands Box Label
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