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This page is under construction. Eventually the left-side buttons will select Chapters on the topic of Collecting Toy Outboards.

For the opening of my new website, I have not had time to start this section. Here are my first thoughts:

Chapter 1 - What is Collecting Toy Outboards ?
Chapter 2 - Alterscale Toy Outboards
Chapter 3 - Dealer Handout Toy Outboards
Chapter 4 - Occupied Japan Toy Outboards
Chapter 5 - Famus Toy Outboards
Chapter 6 - Mitsuwa & Gakken Toy Outboards
Chapter 7 - Toy Outboard History and What We Don't Know
Chapter 8 - Contributing to the Knowledge Base of Toy Outboards
Chapter 9 - Site References

This page is being reworked so it can be mostly independent of KidCole models, except for the domain.

You can jump to the KidCole Models home page by selecting the Cub Picture to the left.

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